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The Herb Farm gardens have been developed in a co-creative partnership with nature. Respect for the living magic in nature's most powerful plants, our herbs, is important.

The Herb Farm is set in rural tranquility and the fourteen themed gardens have been developed on clay soil.

Raised beds, mulching and allowing the plants to develop their own strengthening strategies by surviving (without our input) droughts or insect infestations have resulted in a vibrancy which many visitors feel, see or experience on their garden walks.

It is a working garden, where herbs are harvested to create tinctures and oils to use in our 100% natural skincare and healthcare products manufactured on site.

The fourteen themed gardens over 2 acres are enjoyed by all ages and kids love finding the fairies, gnomes and elves hidden in the woods.

The abundant bird and insect life fits in with nature's grand plan for these gardens. Gaia, the philosophy that says that the earth participates in its own healing, is a concept we embrace at The Herb Farm.

Visit us and see the living magic at work in the gardens and experience it by using our products.

Opening Hours

The gardens are open all year round Monday - Sunday 10am - 4:30pm and some public holidays.

The garden is at it's most decorative from October - March but each season has it's special magic.

Our gardens have no entry fee so all can enjoy their beauty and tranquility.