Ingredients To Avoid

We believe knowledge is power and being informed on what ingredients are in the products
you use, and how to identify them is very powerful. 

We are very passionate about not only ensuring that our own products use only the finest natural ingredients but also sharing our knowledge about making natural choices with our customers.

How to identify what skin and body care products are truly natural
  • Look past the marketing and read ingredients labels (use our 10 ingredients to avoid cards and there are lots of great resources online and in books).

  • If you're not sure about what an ingredient is, then ask the brand for more information.

  • Remember that the scent of natural cosmetics will be more complex and subtle. Synthetics or 'nature-identical' substances are harsh on your skin, strong smelling and long lasting.

  • Colours which are naturally derived may fade if exposed to sunlight. Artificial colours usually won't fade – you might have products which are the same colour 5 years later. Alkanet, beetroot, carrot and chlorophyll all yield natural colours.

  • Trust your instinct and find a company whose ethics, values and products you can trust.

Download our easy to use '10 Ingredients to Avoid' wallet cards.