Yes we do! We harvest herbs from our gardens and make herbal tinctures and sun-infused oils which are used in our products. A lot of the ingredients used to manufacture our products are bought in from reputable suppliers but there is a little bit of The Herb Farm in most of our products which makes them extra special.

Our products are not certified organic. Although some of the our natural ingredients are certified organic, to use all certified organic ingredients and to go through the certification process would mean our prices would have to increase significantly. We love providing truly natural, high quality effective products to customers at affordable prices and endeavour to keep prices reasonable so everyone can afford them. We do not use sprays or chemical fertilisers on the herbs grown at The Herb Farm.

We go to great lengths to ensure that the raw materials used in our products are natural and pure. Before accepting any new raw material we have an extensive investigation and documentation process to ensure what they are supplying us is natural, will not change in quality and supply and has not been tested on animals.

No we definitely do not test on animals! We love animals and support several animal charities and are strongly against any sort of testing or cruelty to animals. We are accredited as a Preferred Brand with the Cruelty Free Organisation
We ensure all raw materials have not been tested on animals. Our products are natural and safe so we can test them directly on people!

Echinacea Tincture dose is only 6 drops in a little water, in a drink or can be taken straight in the mouth. Repeat dose often if you are coming down with a heavy cold or flu, at half or hourly intervals. As you feel better, extend out the treatments until you no longer need the help for your immune system. Only take Echinacea long-term if you have a chronic illness which means your immune system is suppressed. For Children, the Echinacea tincture can be added to juice - 3 drops to 2 tsp of juice.

The Herb Farm Destination

We only have a very small range of herbs for sale which varies with the seasons. We recommend ringing our Retail Shop (+64 6 3268633) to check what our current herb plant range is.

Our workshops have a minimum of 10 people required, or you can book with less people and pay for the minimum of 10. We do run workshops and seminars throughout the year for individuals to book into - please see our 'Upcoming Events' page to see what is planned for the next few months.