10 Easy Ways You Can Help the Planet

10 Easy Ways You Can Help the Planet

To celebrate Earth Day, we’ve come up with our favourite ways to help protect the place we call home: planet Earth! These are some easy changes we can try to implement one by one or, if you’re super keen, all at once! Even by taking one of these changes on, you’ll be creating a positive change and reducing your footprint on the planet!!

1. Go Reusable.

Disposable coffee cups and plastic drink bottles can easily be replaced with something that will last you years!! Not only will you be helping to save the planet, but you’ll probably get a discount on your coffee too!!

Reusable coffee cup

 2. Buy Less Stuff.

Shopping is one of the ways we like to get a nice dopamine hit, but how about saving it for something you really want or need? Try putting at least 24 hours between you and your purchase to decide if you really want it. Not only will you save money, but for every purchase you avoid you’re saving resources that made the product; the resources that packaged it and the resources that delivered it! And you’ll significantly reduce your waste!

3. Shop local and from eco-conscious brands.

Research brands before you buy! If they’re part of the problem, try and find an alternative that is more in line with your values. Also, the more local you can shop, the shorter the chain of resources!

4. Try Op Shopping.

When you do have to shop, why not try those secondhand stores first? Every time you avoid buying something brand new, you’re helping to slow the use of our planet’s valuable resources while reducing your waste at the same time!

Second Hand Shopping

5. Recycle, recycle, recycle. 

By now, most of us are pretty good at recycling and so we should be! It’s one of the best things we can do for the planet. Just make sure you’re not slipping while you’re at work or while you’re on the go!

6. Reduce your food waste!

Portions seem to be getting bigger and bigger but there is still an absurd stigma around asking for a doggy bag! If you don’t have a big appetite, make a habit of asking for a half portion or take your leftovers home for lunch. Think about what you are wasting and whether you’re going a bit over the top in the produce section each week. Freeze what you can and compost the rest!

7. Eat less meat. 

A substantial amount of our country's greenhouse gases come from meat industries, and while it might seem strange to move away from your meat and three veg formula at first, going vegetarian a couple nights a week is actually very easy. There’s a ton of delicious vegetarian recipes out there and you’re likely to save money too!


8. Walk, bike or carpool when possible or condense your errands to one trip! 

We’re getting more and more used to the conveniences of life and being able to drive wherever we want whenever we have a fancy for it is one of those conveniences. Try reducing your miles by carpooling with a friend or coworker or cycling! Planning a trip to include all the week’s errands, instead of going willy-nilly throughout the week, is another great way to reduce your footprint.

9. Plant pollinator friendly plants. 

Bees and butterflies need the right kind of plants – fill your garden with the right sort and enjoy these friendly visitors around your home! Maybe you can stretch out your lawn mowing schedule and let those clovers and dandelions flower between mows too!

Bee on a daisy

10. Conserve water!

Did you know the average person uses over 100 liters of water a day!! Do your bit by avoiding those lengthy ruminations under the shower, turning the tap off while you brush your teeth and putting the plug in to wash your dishes! If you’ve got a drippy tap, fix it!

Get started on your journey as an eco-hero today! 

Learn about the four new sustainability initiatives we're putting in place here!


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