Am I Too Young For Anti-Ageing Skincare?

Am I Too Young For Anti-Ageing Skincare?


With youth, the feeling of being almost immortal comes easily. The years stretch ahead in front of you and thoughts of wrinkles and grey hairs are virtually non-existent.  However, according to dermatologists, you should be thinking about anti-ageing skincare sooner than you probably think.

Dermatologists agree that we should start using anti-ageing skincare products at twenty-five years old. You can usually start to see some visible signs of ageing at around thirty, but according to the experts, the ageing process actually begins when you’re about twenty-one. 

Now, to hold onto your youthful looking skin, the most important thing is to cover the basics: protect your skin from the sun - as well as other external factors such as pollution and electronic equipment - and stick to a regular skin routine. Dry, unprotected skin will age much faster than protected, hydrated skin will.


What does ‘Anti-Ageing’ skincare do?

Anti-ageing skincare products have many benefits like reducing dark spots, smoothing fine lines and preventing the development of deep wrinkles. So, if your twenty-fifth birthday is behind you, then it’s definitely time to start thinking about incorporating at least one anti-ageing product into your skincare routine.


What products should I choose?

However, your choice should take into account your skin’s specific needs. Skin types vary greatly, they can range from extremely dry to quite sensitive to very oily and acne prone. If you suffer from very dry skin you might like to try a face oil. If your skin is oily, a light aqueous-based facial serum might be more suitable.

Bakuchiol Face Oil

Transforming Bakuchiol Face Oil

Natural Anti ageing skincareRenewal Advance Facial Serum

If you want to cover all your bases you can start slowly swapping out products from your usual skincare routine for those from an anti-ageing skincare line like our Lasting Beauty Skincare System.

Natural Anti Ageing Skincare

Do I need synthetic skincare to see results?

At the end of the day you want the anti-ageing skincare you choose to be effective. While a lot of people think that you can’t get the same results without including some synthetic ingredients, in terms of efficacy natural and synthetic ingredients are equals. Effectiveness of an ingredient comes down to it’s molecular structure, so a synthesized version of a natural product will be no more effective than it’s natural counterpart. Some of the most effective and scientifically proven ingredients come from nature and are often gentler on your skin with fewer side effects.

When you shop, it’s a good idea to read through a product’s ingredients to see whether they might cause a reaction. Ingredients truly matter, so by choosing a natural product - with a much shorter list of ingredients – you’re much less likely to experience a negative reaction. If possible, it’s always best practice to introduce a new product slowly, testing it on your arm first before adding it into your skincare routine.

You can browse our 100% natural range of anti-ageing skincare products here.

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