Computer Face

Computer Face

Computer what? That’s what I thought at first too – what is this “computer face”?

‘Computer Face’ is a new term that is being used to describe the effects on our skin contributed to the extended use of computers (and other devices).

In particular it has been reported that people who sit in front of a computer or device for a long period of time are at greater risk of the appearance of premature ageing.

This is contributed to both the emissions from the computer itself (increasing oxidative stress) and the position of the face and head whilst using electronic equipment.

What can we do to help prevent ‘Computer Face’?

Use quality natural skincare products (such as ours) that have high levels of antioxidants and provide hydration throughout the day.

Obviously being aware of your facial expression and having the computer at an appropriate height are also important preventative factors.

An easy to use solution for your skin is our Protecting Skin Defend Mist.

Protecting Skin Defend Mist

Protecting Skin Defend Mist

This light mist helps to give invisible protection against the ageing effects of environmental pollutants and stressors – including computer face!

Our Protecting Skin Defend Mist contains Borēaline® Protect, a natural extract from the bark of the Black Spruce Tree. The bark is the tree’s natural defence shield and Borēaline® Protect acts in the same way for our skin.

This is combined with powerful natural ingredients, including our own herbal extracts, to deliver high levels of antioxidants to your skin which help to prevent oxidative stress and premature ageing.

Keep the Protecting Skin Defend Mist in your office (at work and/or at home) and use this fragrant beautiful mist throughout the day to top up your skins antioxidant and hydration levels – and keep Computer Face away!

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