Handcrafted From Nature

Handcrafted From Nature

Skin Care ‘Handcrafted from Nature’

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 ‘Handcrafted from Nature’ is our company motto and is proudly displayed on the top of all our products’ boxes.

When we say this, we mean it - all our beautiful natural skin care products are not only formulated in-house by our Founder and Herbalist, Lynn Kirkland, they are also lovingly handcrafted on-site at The Herb Farm. It has always been this way, Lynn made the products herself in the early days of the business and as the business grew, people were carefully recruited to help with this important role. Today we have a custom-fitted manufacturing facility on-site in where all our products are created by our passionate manufacturing team.

Lynn Kirkland at a her stall

Lynn Kirkland running a stall with some The Herb Farm’s first products.


It means


 Creating our own products allows us to maintain full control over the quality of our ingredients and processes to ensure the highest quality and most effective products.

We strongly believe in retaining as much of the natural goodness in every single ingredient we use and keeping them as whole as possible. This follows through to our manufacturing processes which we ensure do not interfere with or break-down the ingredients. We also harvest our organically grown herbs from our gardens and create powerful herbal extracts and sun-infused oils to further enhance our products.

You can visit our destination in the Manawatu, see the herbs growing in our lovely gardens and experience the ‘Home of The Herb Farm products’.

Comfrey Leaves

Sarah Cowan collecting some comfrey leaves from the gardens at The Herb Farm.


It means



Our company believes in the power of positive intention and we infuse this into our products and everything we do as a business.

When our products are being created, our team is very mindful of what they are thinking about as they make them – so your product has not only the best natural ingredients in it but positive energy as well. You can even see which of our team has made your herb farm product – on the bottom of the product box are the batch details along with the name of the person who has lovingly created the product. Next time you are using your herb farm products take a moment to feel the positive intention, love and care that has been infused into it as it was created.

Generation Skincare

Three generations of the Kirkland/Cowan family enjoying The Herb Farm gardens.


 By Sarah Cowan (Managing Director, The Herb Farm)

September 2015

Sarah Cowan



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