Journey to Winter Wellness: Invigorating Cold Showers and Garden Therapy

Journey to Winter Wellness: Invigorating Cold Showers and Garden Therapy


As the chill of winter settles in, it's time to embrace the season's unique opportunities for health and healing. In the first of our two June blogs, we hear from our very own wellness expert, Lynn Kirkland on her top tips and tricks to stay healthy and happy during the colder months. From invigorating cold showers to the benefits of garden therapy, these strategies can help you thrive all winter long.

Cold Showers
Probably not what you want to do in Winter, but this is something I have done for years after learning how effective it is for boosting your immune system .  Have your normal warm shower to clean your body (and wash your hair if needed) and then before switching the shower off, turn it to cold and let the cold water run over your head (if you’ve washed your hair), then your back and turn to get it on your chest where it will stimulate your thymus gland.  The cold water stimulates leukocytes which are the blood cells which fight off infection.  Do the cold water for a couple of minutes and believe me, when you turn the shower off, and wrap yourself in a towel, you will feel great!

Garden Therapy

Over the years, as I have learned about herbs, I have been able to source many varieties. The Herb Farm garden has expanded to accommodate these amazing plants. While I do accept that doctors, pharmacies, and hospitals have their place, my first choice is to use herbs straight from the garden. I call this Botanical Simplicity and have so many amazing stories of using herbs directly from the garden to heal. Every family should plant herbs in their gardens, so that when they are needed for healing, the garden pharmacy is at your fingertips. Plant your herbs with love, tend to them, and harvest them with gratefulness as their healing properties make this a beautiful form of garden therapy. Many herbs are wonderful to add flavor and nutrition to your meals, and some make great companion plants with your vegetables. Healing herbs can be used fresh or dried as teas, bath infusions, poultices, compresses, as well as being made into infused oils and extracts. Being in the garden and close to nature is a wonderful therapy in itself.


About the Author
Lynn Kirkland, the founder of The Herb Farm some 30 years ago. Nestled on  rural land in the Manawatu, The Herb Farm has blossomed into a tranquil sanctuary drawing visitors from far and wide.

As our founder and Herbalist, Lynn is dedicated to sharing her profound love for herbs, imparting wisdom on their versatile uses, and teaching how they can enrich your life in so many ways. 



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