Journey to Winter Wellness: Soothing Thyme Baths and Beating the Winter Blues

Journey to Winter Wellness: Soothing Thyme Baths and Beating the Winter Blues


As winter continues, our quest for wellness and happiness doesn't stop. In the second of our two June blogs, we delve deeper into Lynn Kirkland's wisdom. This time, we explore the soothing practice of thyme baths and effective strategies to beat the winter blues. From harnessing the healing properties of thyme to uplifting your mood and vitality, these insights will help you maintain your wellbeing and joy throughout the colder months.


Winter Blues

Some people struggle in Winter when the weather is cold, grey, and wet for days on end.  There is an herb that can make you see a glass as half full rather than half empty.  If you suffer from S.A.D (Seasonal Affective Disorder), or just feel in a low mood when the sun isn’t shining, then try drinking lemon balm tea.  You can get lemon balm teabags, however this is such an easy herb to grow, so it can be in every garden.  Lemon Balm belongs to the mint family, so when you plant it, make sure there is plenty of room for it to spread out.  Fresh is always best, but it can be dried.  Drink it as a tea or make a bath infusion to lift your mood.  Plant it in your garden so you can enjoy the beautiful lemon scent which uplifts your spirits whenever you are in the garden.


Hot Baths

If you are coughing, have a cold or the flu, of if you feel exhausted, then it’s “thyme” for a thyme bath.  The best thyme variety is called Pizza Thyme (thumus nummularius) as it is very high in thymol which is super effective against germs.  It grows abundantly, providing plenty of the herb to harvest for winter use.  I first discovered the magic of a thyme bath about forty years ago when I used it on my young son who had persistent coughs.  A bath infusion made from thyme worked like magic and in all the years that followed, it has never failed to be effective.  What could be nicer than lying in a bath with a thyme infusion and then going to bed and resting while the herb works its therapeutic benefits.  It soaks into the skin and enters the respiratory system by deep breaths and slays the germs.

How to create a Thyme Infused Bath

  • Pick two handfuls of fresh thyme (pizza or common thyme is best) or use one handful of dried thyme.
  • Place in a bowl and cover with boiling water.
  • Place a plate over the bowl to trap in the steam.
  • Leave to infuse for 20 minutes or longer, then it’s thyme for a bath!
  • Run a nice warm bath then hold a sieve over the bath and pour your bath infusion through, leaving the plant material in the sieve.

About the Author

Lynn Kirkland, the founder of The Herb Farm some 30 years ago. Nestled on rural land in the Manawatu, The Herb Farm has blossomed into a tranquil sanctuary drawing visitors from far and wide.

As our founder and Herbalist, Lynn is dedicated to sharing her profound love for herbs, imparting wisdom on their versatile uses, and teaching how they can enrich your life in so many ways. 


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