Mindful Mum

Mindful Mum

The Herb Farm draws on something that I, as a mindfulness practitioner believe wholeheartedly. That we are all connected, not just to this earth but to each other. Every thought and action creates a response, from studying psychology post grad to becoming a certified mindfulness facilitator, everything I have learned has pointed to the fact that we create our existence. We create our reality, be it a beautiful reality or an uphill battle, WE do this ourselves. What tools do you use to enjoy life and create a beautiful existence?

I have mindfulness.

I like to talk about being mindful as being present. Being present to our FULL and current experience. By this I am referring to the thoughts in our head (the good the bad and the ugly), the emotions in our body and the world taking place around us. Mindfulness allows us a reprieve from the Ferris Wheel in our mind-the “what if’s”, the planning for next week or the next awkward conversation with the boss and the self-critiques we have come to view as normal self-talk. It presents us with the ability to choose where our attention needs to be, rather than letting it go off on tangents.

Mindfulness creates space away from our to do lists, our prioritizing and our anxieties and this beautiful space gives way to a new appreciation for every little thing we are so blessed to have.

Mindfulness is a superpower that anyone can learn to tap into, however, through my job I advocate mindfulness for mums. Being a mother is a difficult task on its own, with so many real and perceived pressures, it doesn’t take long for that heavy feeling of overwhelm to start to settle in.

I get it-life is busy. As mothers though, we don’t have to ALWAYS engage with the busy. Take time to enjoy the little things, engage in one task at a time and stop multitasking! Try tapping into one of your five senses when that feeling of overwhelm hits and then use your breath as an anchor, breathe from deep down in your belly 4 second inhale, 5 second hold, 6 second exhale. Your breath has the power to settle all of your thoughts, emotions and physiological responses.


By Victoria Hood (BA Hons Psychology. Life & Mindfulness Coach. Mum of three.)

Facebook: @mindfulmumaotearoa


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