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Right Product Guarantee

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Taking the stress out of finding your skincare match.

Everybody’s face is unique, and this includes your skin too.  However, this can make navigating the skincare world challenging – which products are right for you? Everybody’s skin has different needs so how do you satisfy them? Skincare isn’t like clothing – you can’t just try it on and see if it suits you… right?

Well, we’ve decided that it should work just like that!! An educated guess can only go so far, how many times have you tried something on in a shop that you thought was going to look amazing for it to just not, at all? Now this analogy isn’t perfect – we’re not comparing anything at The Herb Farm to a poorly made dress – but this is how we want you to think when purchasing our products.  We want you to feel free to try things on and feel assured that if something isn’t working, we will be here to help.

We’re trying to make your experience with our products as positive and successful as possible, with our goal being your healthy, radiant skin. So, to realise our goal, we’ve created a ‘Right Product Guarantee’ which is going to make your skincare journey a breeze.


Here’s the deal:

If you purchase a skincare product from us and don’t feel that it’s suited to your skin – tell us!!
Get in touch and let us know more about your skin and how the product didn’t suit, and we will work with you to get the right product for your skin – at no cost to you!

We want to help you succeed so we will be here to troubleshoot whenever you need advice or assistance. Think of us like you would your fairy-god mother – we want to get you to the ball!!

The Herb Farm Natural Skincare

Please follow the simple instructions below if you would like to activate the Right Product Guarantee:

  1. Complete the Right Product Guarantee Return Form.
  1. We will consult with you and send sample sachets of potential product alternatives to try and assess, along with a pre-paid courier bag to send your product back to us.
    Please note: the product needs to have at least 50% of the contents remaining and have been purchased in the last 30 days.
  1. Once you have tried the sample sachets, let us know which product you would like as a replacement and, when we receive the returned product, we will send you your selected replacement product!

Terms & Conditions:

  • Only skincare items purchased on www.herbfarm.co.nz or at The Herb Farm Retail Shop or from one of the stockists named on our website and with proof of purchase (signing up for a customer account is a great way to keep track of purchases) may be accepted for the Right Product Guarantee.
  • You must activate the Right Product Guarantee within 30 days of purchasing the skincare product.
  • We're sorry, but shipping fees are non-refundable. However, the shipping of returning the product and sending the replacement are covered by us.
  • Through the consultation process and sampling, you will receive an accepted replacement skincare product. We cannot replace a skincare product more than once.
  • We work in consultation with you to find the right product for your skin within our product range, we do not offer refunds sorry.
  • Right Product Guarantee is only applicable to the following Herb Farm Skincare products which are related to skin type: Cleansers, Exfoliators, Toners and Face Creams excl. Mens Moisturiser.
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