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The Herb Farm Brand Evolution

We are so excited to reveal our stunning new look!

Our brand is reflected in everything we say and do. Every time someone encounters The Herb Farm brand they are left with an impression of who we are and what we stand for. With this in mind we decided it was time for The Herb Farm to have a new look which really showcases who we are, what we stand for and the quality of our natural products.

“We wanted our brand to reflect the beautiful high quality and handcrafted nature of our 100% natural products while being competitive in both the local and international markets” says The Herb Farm’s CEO, Sarah Cowan.

Our brands new look includes stylish boxes with hand-drawn herb illustrations by a New Zealand artist and beautiful copper highlights. The boxes and new frosted amber glass bottles and jars are also recyclable reflecting the company’s sustainability values.

Sales & Marketing Manager, Karen Weatherall, explains that “the use of copper on our new logo and packaging not only brings a modern, fresh look to the brand but it also fits with our brand philosophy as copper is renowned for its healing properties and embodies love, feminine beauty and creativity.”

To meet customers needs our range of skincare products have been grouped into skin type systems. This has included the development of some new innovative products to meet each skin types needs and to achieve optimum skin health.

All Herb Farm products are formulated by Lynn Kirkland (Herbalist and Founder) and draw on her 30 years of knowledge and industry experience. All products are handcrafted at The Herb Farm’s destination in the Manawatu and we are committed to using the best natural ingredients and have strict criteria’s around this.

The Herb Farm’s uncompromised commitment to nature and natural wellbeing has remained unchanged over the years and The Herb Farm is now ready to take its handcrafted New Zealand products to the global market.

August 2015

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