What's in Your Deodorant?

What's in Your Deodorant?

The hidden baddie in your deodorant and why you should switch now.

Deodorants are something that most people use in one form or another: roll-on, spray, stick… the market is awash with options and claims of keeping you dry, keeping your clothes mark-free and even making you more appealing to the opposite sex!

Everyone wants to smell fresh but what is the potential cost of using some of these deodorants? And are there alternatives?


Unfortunately, in most mainstream deodorants there are ingredients which you really want to steer clear of, most of all: aluminium. Aluminium is used to block the pores and to prevent sweating, this is concerning in its function alone as the body is designed to sweat and to interrupt the body’s natural way of releasing perspiration is not ideal. Aluminium is also a known neurotoxin and has been linked to breast cancer and Alzheimer’s disease. The underarm area has lymph nodes close to the skin and is vulnerable to this type of exposure.

There are other common ingredients used in deodorants such as parabens, triclosan, synthetic fragrances and talc which are all much better left in the bottle than put on your skin as they have been linked with potential health impacts.


Awareness about the need to really investigate what you are putting onto your underarms, and therefore into your body, is increasing and that has meant that there are now lots of great natural options to help control odour.

We have some great options for natural deodorants that you can try:

aluminium free deodorant

Two subtly scented roll-ons that effectively help to control odour without interfering with your body’s natural cooling system. Active ingredients include Himalayan salt crystal sole, echinacea and calendula tinctures which are powerful antibacterial and soothing ingredients.

Two new beautiful pure natural deodorant creams designed to absorb moisture and prevent odour-causing bacteria while soothing the skin. These include baking soda and tapioca powder to help absorb moisture and prevent odour.

Which natural deodorant will work for you is a matter of personal preference and sometimes trial and error but it is a road that is well worth travelling.

Try our range of natural deodorants now and protect those armpits!


By Sarah Cowan (Managing Director, The Herb Farm)

January 2017

Sarah Cowan


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