We go to great lengths to ensure that our company, brand and products uphold the strong values and authenticity that our customers trust.

We have developed a series of symbols which sum up what we stand for as a brand.

Be Assured logos

Find out more about what we stand for us a company;

Our dedication to best practise and best quality.

All our products are produced on site. This means we maintain full control of our processes from garden and ingredients, to production, packaging and dispatch.

Our commitment to accessible natural well being.

Living a natural life shouldn’t cost a fortune or cost the earth. We believe natural well being should be accessible to everyone and we take great care of our customers, choosing to sell our highly effective range at affordable prices.

Our commitment to our customers.
We've implemented a Right Product Guarantee so that when a skincare product isn't suitable we will work with our customers and get them the skincare products that work for their skin type. All at no extra cost.
Our attitude.

We thrive on a culture of positivity, love and learning. These elements are infused into everything we do. Our greatest teacher is nature itself and what we learn, we share with others. The closer we come to nature the better we become as people and as a brand.

Our authenticity.

Family owned and operated, the herb farm is a place people can visit. We grow our herbs - our fresh, active ingredients - in our own gardens.

Our formulations are unique to us.

Founder Lynn Kirkland is a renowned herbalist and expert in her field. Lynn is responsible for creating our product formulas. All unique to the herb farm, our formulations are 100% natural.

Our uncompromised stand to maintain integrity of our brand.

We have nothing to hide. We live and advocate a natural lifestyle and go to great lengths to stay true to ourselves and our customers. What we don't grow ourselves, we source from sustainable, ethical sources.

Cruelty Free Accredited.

Accredited by Choose Cruelty Free – an independent Australian non-profit organisation campaigning for a ban on animal-tested cosmetics.