5 Ways Sticking to a Skincare Routine Will Save Your Skin

5 Ways Sticking to a Skincare Routine Will Save Your Skin
5 Ways Sticking to a Skincare Routine Will Save Your Skin

No matter your lifestyle, there are always things that pop up and can take your attention away from your daily routine. Maybe your day is so full that when you are finally winding down for bed it’s more of a stumbling into your pyjamas than a nightly “routine”.

However, if your skincare regime is a bit ad hoc (i.e. you only use your cleanser when you’re breaking out or your face cream when your skin is looking a little dry - or when you remember!), you’re standing in the way of your own skincare goals.

While it might not rank high on your list of priorities at the moment, paying attention to the health of your skin now will be worthwhile when you think back on it in twenty or thirty years or so.  Well cared for skin, especially the skin on your face, is vital to feeling confident and ensuring you’re putting your best foot face forward. It’ll also make a huge impact on your self-confidence as you age.

LUCKILY, when you begin a skincare regime for the first time you will soon see lots of positive results: No matter when you decide to finally start. You will then feel motivated to keep up the good work! Your skin will become more balanced, and you will be protecting it from further damage. They key is to stay consistent: if you stick to your routine your skin will soon start looking healthier and more radiant.

Here are 5 changes you’ll see once you begin implementing a consistent skincare routine:
  1. Because your skin will be more balanced, the natural oils on your face won’t build up and trigger breakouts.
  2. Regular exfoliating will give a clean slate of fresh happy skin and you won’t have dead skin cells making your makeup look cakey and dry.
  3. Your skin will BE healthier. Because your skin won’t be forced to work overtime, your skin cells will be more efficient and so, not only will your skin look better, but these results will stay and be easier to maintain.
  4. You’ll slow down the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.
  5. Your skin will be hydrated creating a more youthful, vibrant look.

Not sure where to start? Our free, online skincare consultation takes less than two minutes and considers all the things that matter when it comes to your skin (including your lifestyle!)

At The Herb Farm we have four complete skin care systems that are built around the needs of your specific skin type: Oily & Combination, Normal (including Sensitive), Dry and Lasting Beauty. These skincare systems have exactly what you need to properly care for your skin – and the four-step system takes the guesswork out. So, once you’ve found out your skin type, most of the work has already been done!

Natural Skincare Range for Normal and Sensitive Skin
Normal (including Sensitive) Skincare System

However, we know that there can sometimes be trouble-shooting problems, which is why we created our Right Product Guarantee. In a nutshell, it means that if any product from the skincare ranges listed above doesn’t work for your skin, we will swap it with something that does. How stress free is that? Read more about how it works here.

TIP: Turn your skincare routine into a luxurious morning ritual and a quiet moment just for you – it’s a great way to show self-care. With your face being the first thing that people see, it makes sense that you should give your skin the care it needs. This might also be the time when you notice your skin’s needs have changed – don’t be confused if your skin begins to change once you’ve been implementing a skincare routine for a while. It’s likely to become more balanced and the skin you initially thought was dry might become a lot more hydrated etc. Retake our skincare consultation after a month to check!

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