Feeling Environmentally Stressed?

Feeling Environmentally Stressed?

Yes, the environment can be stressful to think about – but at least we can prevent it from being so stressful on our skin…

How many different kinds of environmental stressors are there?

Our skin is affected by many external factors that all work together to prematurely age our skin. These include:

  • Pollution – these tiny particles penetrate deep into the surface of our skin triggering irritation, redness and rosacea while free radicals cause an increase in damage to our skin’s molecular structure, breaking down collagen and elastin. Read more here
  • UV rays – as well as causing immediate damage in the form of sunburn (which can lead to skin cancer), UV rays also trigger the production of damaging free radicals which cause oxidative stress and triggers premature ageing of skin.
  • Changes in temperature – bitter temperatures and harsh winds can make our skin dry and itchy and prone to flaky skin conditions like eczema. Sudden fluctuations in temperature like coming home to a heated house or a trip to a tropical location exacerbates these conditions.
  • Heating and air-conditioning systems – blasting the heater or air-con can lead to more moisture being drawn from our skin and the drier our skin, the more prone to damage it becomes.
  • Electronic equipment – research shows that exposure to blue light emitted from our devices can trigger structural changes in our skin cells causing them to shrink which can accelerate the ageing process of our skin. Learn more about the effects of devices here


How can we combat these environmental stressors?

While there are habitual changes we can make like decreasing the amount of time we spend in the sun or in front of our computer screen there are other tools we can implement which can help protect from the environment without changing our day-to-day life.

At The Herb Farm we’re passionate about skin defence so we’ve created a range of products that all work to protect the skin or reduce the effects that environmental stressors can have.


Protecting Skin Defend Mist:

Our award-winning Protecting Skin Defend Mist is a light mist with powerful ingredients that work to create an invisible defence against the ageing effects of environmental pollutants and skin stressors. With Borealine® Protect which has been scientifically proven to inhibit free radicals caused by oxidative stress and stimulate natural collagen production to prevent signs of ageing. It works as a hydrating toner and an invisible barrier of protection for the skin.


Radiance Boost Facial Serum:

While small - this light, aqueous-based facial serum packs a powerful punch. Full of nature's super skin foods which nourish the skin such as Elderberry Extract which is high in bioflavonoids to defend our skin from stress, pollution and seasonal changes. Our Radiance Boost Facial Serum is rich in antioxidants to help fight damaging free radicals while leaving skin glowing, smooth and radiant.


Revitalising Face Mask:

An effective cleansing face mask which removes impurities while leaving skin soft, hydrated and glowing. The rich clays & seaweed extract provide valuable nutrients and minerals for healthy skin while also helping to detoxify skin from environmental pollutants. 


Reduce the risk of premature ageing by defending your skin against environmental stressors. Shop our collection of Environmental Protectors here.


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